Beer & Cheese Pairings

By December 4, 2015Blog

Beer & Cheese Pairing

Want to up your dinner party game? Make it interactive with a beer and cheese pairing!

We got together with our friends at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop to select these perfect pairings!

Tripel B with Blue Earth Brie – the bright buttery notes of the cheese balance superbly with the spicy and fruity notes of the Tripel B.

Naked Nun with Brabander – the rich and nutty notes of the Brabander really make the citrus notes of the Naked Nun pop.

Dancin’ Monks with Oma – the pungent and sweet flavors of the Oma balance elegantly with the caramel notes in Dancin’ Monks.

Black Rhino with Fourme d’Ambert – the tangy and savory notes from the Ambert really highlight the chocolate notes in Black Rhino!

Sundowner with Kunick – this tangy and buttery triple crème cheese blends perfectly with the white grape and green apple notes of Sundowner.


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