THE ALE: This year’s Vintage Nun is a blend of our wit, which spent two years aging in red wine oak barrels. A portion of the barrels were spontaneously fermented. The result is a tart, well balanced, refreshing ale, with notes of oak, red wine, unique barrel funk, and citrus fruit.

THE STORY: Vintage Nun is part of our Vintage Series, a line of beers aged in barrels. To date, we have aged our ales in wine barrels, whiskey barrels, rum barrels and gin barrels. Vintage Nun is the result of two years of patient aging in wine barrels.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Salty or herbed cheeses, smoked meat and fruit

TASTING NOTES: Tart citrus, wine and barrel funk

AWARDS: Gold Medals from International Craft Competition Awards and World Beer Championship!

SERVING: Belgian Tulip

AVAILABLE SIZES: 750ml Bottle, 1/6 bbl keg (when available)

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