Dancin’ Monks

Dubbel Ale (7.2% ABV)

2014 Craft Beer Awards Gold Medal
2015 Gold Medal from Artisan Awards
2016 Bronze Medal from the Commonwealth Cup
2016 Gold Medal from Best Little Brewfest in Texas
2016 Best of Craft Beer Awards Gold Medal in Belgian Style Dubbel

THE ALE: This clean, malty ale has a robust flavor with fruity, plum aromas. The carbonation balances the moderate sweetness from the malt, resulting in a dry and smooth finish. It pairs great with savory foods like barbecue, rich stews, grilled meats, and dark chocolate cake.

THE STORY: The Colombian Monks could really cut loose during the annual retreat hosted by Del at his home near Naivasha Lake in Kenya. Smiling ear to ear and with ale in hand, they would dance the night away! You might find you are doing your own little happy dance after a glass of Dancin’ Monks. Drink, dance, repeat.