Vintage Series

Vintage Series is our barrel aged line of beers. We have aged our ales in wine barrels, whiskey barrels, rum barrels and gin barrels. We put the specific barrel used for the beer on the label. Below is the Vintage Series beers released so far. We release these as each batch and barrel tells us it’s ready.

BLACKBERRY BARREL OF LOVE 2016 (limited release)
Whiskey Barrel Aged Quad with Blackberry (10.8%)
Taproom only release December 2016

This blend of Barrel of Love took our whiskey barrel aged Belgian-style quad to a new level with the addition of blackberry. Aged in Treaty Oak Distilling barrels, the barrel lends hints of vanilla and oak balanced with a soft whiskey bite. The ale blends with the flavors from the barrels and contributes rich notes of blackberry, figs raisins and molasses. Pair with cheddar, brie, smoked meat or enjoy as a dessert on its own.

Barrel Aged Blend (8%)
Released Summer 2016 (one time release)

Barrel Aged Trifecta is a beautiful blend of three excellent beers – our gin barrel aged saison, a barrel fermented saison, and spontaneously fermented wine barrel aged wit. The result is a delectable tart ale with subtle layers of tropical fruit, oak, juniper, lavender, citrus and unique barrel funk. This smooth blend is truly one of a kind!

BARREL OF LOVE 2015 & 2016 (limited release)
Whiskey Barrel Aged Belgian-Style Quad (11%)

THE ALE:  This year’s Barrel of Love is a Belgian-style quad aged in whiskey barrels from Treaty Oak Distillery. Brewed with dark Belgian candy syrup and Trappist yeast, the quad offers complex fruity notes of figs, raisins and plums. The barrel aging imparts vanilla, oak, caramel and rye. We recommend pairing it with aged gouda, roasted duck, smoked pork or bread pudding.

TRIPEL TREAT (limited release)
Rum Barrel Aged Tripel (11.7%)

Our Belgian-style tripel matured in the same barrels Treaty Oak Distillery uses to make their Barrel Reserve Rum. Beginning with a surprisingly fruity nose, this ale exquisitely balances notes of warming rum, soft coconut and buttery oak. Pairs well with green curry chicken, coconut shrimp and cream puffs.

Gin Barrel Aged Saison (9.1%)

While enjoying a beer with our good friends at Treaty Oak Distilling Co., we contemplated the possibilities of aging our beers in their barrels. Soon we were filling their Waterloo Antique Gin barrels with Philosophizer, our spicy and citrusy saison. A complex array of lavender, juniper and oak from the barrel balanced with the Philosophizer to create a smooth, warming ale. Pair this ale with dished like chicken alfredo, veal scallopini and strawberry cheesecake.

VINTAGE MONKS (limited release)
Barrel Aged Sour Brown Ale (9.1%)
Formerly called Barrel Aged Dancin’ Monks

THE ALE: Vintage Monks is a blend of our Trappist inspired ales which have spent up to two years aging in oak wine barrels. Each barrel imparts unique flavors of red wine, tart fruits and lovely funk. The blended result is a wonderfully complex ale that is beautifully balanced. Pairs well with tangy cheeses, rich meats, fried foods and fruit-based desserts.

GABF 2015 Gold PNG2015 Great American Beer Festival® Gold Medal in Belgian and French Style Ale


VINTAGE NUN (2014 limited release)
Wine Barrel Aged Tart Wit (5.8%)
Formerly called Barrel Aged Naked Nun

This year’s Vintage Nun is a blend of our wit, which spent two years aging in red wine oak barrels. A portion of the barrels were spontaneously fermented. The result is a tart, well balanced, refreshing ale, with notes of oak, red wine, unique barrel funk, and citrus fruit. It pairs with salty or herbed cheeses, smoked meat and fruit.

BARREL AGED NAKED NUN (2013 limited release)
Barrel Aged Wit Ale (5.8%)

Gold Medal by World Beer Champions Awards

THE ALE: Aged in red wine barrels for a year, this refreshing ale is well balanced with notes of oak, red wine, and orange peel. It pairs well with salty or herbed cheeses, smoked meats and fruit.

BARREL OF LOVE 2013 (limited release – no longer in production)
Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Stour (8%)

THE ALE:  This stout possesses noticeable dark chocolate flavors balanced with notes of bourbon, vanilla and oak. Its creamy, lightly roasted finish is sure to please. Enjoy with chocolate, cheesecake or a steak. Ready to drink now in a snifter curled up next to a fire, this delicious stout will also benefit from a few years in the bottle (if you can wait that long).